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Questions? CALL US: (0) 20 3890 4820


If you are looking forward to replacing or installing a new window in your home you should be aware that window fitting can sometimes be a complicated process with homeowners that is why is always advisable to always hire a professional to carry such projects. Have you made your window purchase or you are still not sure of the best windows for your home, contact us today at RedThunderbolt London we’ll be glad to help you.

There are different sizes and shapes for windows and also different feature available for each and every one of them. You made need to ask for windows installer advice when deciding on the type of windows to install in order to know the different options and price schemes available. You should know that some windows can integrate features that save your energy consumption by trapping in heat whereas there are others can be used to do the exact opposite. Depending on the type of weather, the type of the room in which the windows will be placed and also the type of taste and preference that you have, and also all the features you will like to have, all these you will be able to discuss if you work with us at RedThunderbolt London.

At RedThunderbolt London we have been offering all types of home and commercial construction and renovation service for customers throughout London. We are very experienced in this as well as our team of window installers is well known for their professionalism and also efficiency. At RedThunderbolt London we make sure on completion of any project our windows installers ensure all safety measures are all followed and we also use the latest technique to make all your project are done to perfections.

Sometimes window installation can be a burden to your family for some days because you progress with the work you should know that Windows fitter will be in and out of your home and to some family this can cause disruption to their family daily routine. Also, there are ways in which we can ensure that all these processes go smoothly as possible.

And definitely as a good window fitter after the completion of your project, we make sure we do clean up and we leave your home as new. Contact us at RedThunderbolt London we can help you with your windows installations.

You can prepare your windows installer and project in these few ways:

  • Take the Windows installers on a tour of your home and also show them the window that needs to be installed or replaced.
  • Try and confirm the from your windows installer a day before they arrive the time in which they will be coming in order to be able to prepare well before they arrive at your home.
  • If there are instructions you will want your windows fitter to follow you can have them placed on the window that the installer will be replacing or installing, do make sure that the note contains well-detailed instructions or any other details that the windows fitter can find useful in order to be able to perform a quality job.
  • Do allow the windows fitters to go about with their job in a professional way and there is need they require your assistance or permission do make sure you are available.
  • There are might need to move out some furniture in other to have a clear access to the window you want to be replaced or newly installed.



We continue to invest in modern business practices and new constructions techniques to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry. We continue to build on our reputation with our focus on the growing ability of the company to deliver new and innovative ways.